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High-Pressure Faucet Glass Washer

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About this item

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  • Experience powerful water jets with multi-angle spray holes, ensuring thorough residue removal and easy sink-directed clean-up.
  • Efficiently rinse various drinkware, from baby bottles to wine glasses, reducing soaking and scrubbing time.
  • Simply press the cup's bottom for automatic water spray release when clean for a quick and effortless process.
  • Featuring a sleek, low-profile design, this glass washer easily installs into standard countertop holes and connects to hot or cold water lines.
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You're hosting a dinner party, and your guests are arriving in just a few hours.

You rush to clean the glassware, but the stains just won't budge😩

As time runs out, you start to fear that your visitors will notice the ugly markings on their glasses.

But with this high-pressure faucet glass washer, you can turn the table around.

This glass washer works quickly, leaving your glassware sparkling clean in no time.

So no more struggling with brushes or sponges!

What you’ll get: 

Featuring powerful water jets emanating from multi-angle spray holes, you can be sure that even the most stubborn residue will be easily removed.

With just a simple press on the bottom of your cup, the automatic water spray feature kicks in, leaving your hands free to do other tasks. Once the cleaning process is complete, simply release the bottom for a quick and effortless finish.

This washer features an ergonomic design that effortlessly integrates into standard countertop holes. Connecting to both hot and cold water lines, you can customize the temperature to your preference.