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Inflatable Buffet Cooler Tray With Drain For Parties, Tailgating & Camping

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About this item
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  • Made of BPA-free PVC
  • Easy to inflate and drain
  • Excess water can be drained to add more ice
  • Size: 130 x 50 cm
  • Keeps all your food items cold for hours
  • Suitable for pool, grilling, birthday parties
  • More space than small-sized freezers
  • Easy to store and carry
Item description from the seller
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There must have been countless times when your perfectly appetizing desserts and custards wouldn’t have made it to your guests' mouths in their prime condition.

Because everyone would immerse in the gossiping section and completely forget about the food.

Or the chief guest of the party would have arrived very late.

Whatever the reason may be, now you can keep desserts and salads in their original condition for long with this inflatable serving bar buffet cooler.

Inflate it, put it inside the pool or on a table, throw ice in it and load it up with your palatable food bowls. The cooler will keep them fresh and lively till they make it to the gut of your guests.

What you’ll get:

  •  Cooler that keeps drinks/food fresh for hours: None of your great food will lose its touch now. It keeps all your beverages, juices, dips, fruits and salads cold and fresh.

  • Perfect for various events: This inflatable food/drinks bar cooler is a must-have item for your outdoor grilling, pool and salad parties. It also works great for tailgating and camping nights. Keeping juicy watermelons, sweet juices, thirst-quenching soda drinks, creamy pastries and chocolate-filled muffins preserved in the parties had never been this easy. Keep your guests energized and happy with fresh food items till the end of the celebration.

  • Easy to set up & store: The inflatable mouth is present on one of the walls. Use your mouth to blow air in it or utilize a hairdryer or vacuum for speedy party preparations. After use, the ice water can be drained out and it can be folded and stored in your bedroom’s cabinet. No excess storage space is needed like the bulky portable coolers.

  • Stores a lot of items: Small portable freezers can only hold a few of your drinks and food bowls but this inflatable buffet cooler can accommodate as many items as you like. It measures 130 x 50 cm and will store all your soda cans, beer bottles, muffins, cake rolls, custard and fruits. 

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