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Intimate oil elixir-aphrodisiac "Aromatic Touch" 3 ml ( 0.1 oz)

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  • Love aphrodisiac eliminates tightness, shyness, stiffness. Normalizes hormonal health and menstrual cycle.
  • Compositionorganic extraction of vegetable raw materials: asparagus racemose filamentous vine, henbane Turkmen leaves, celandine large root, brown algae Sargassum layers, first cold pressed oil: prangos zeravshan seeds, kev bakout gum resin
Item description from the seller
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The unique intimate blend "Fragrant Touch" introduces elements of dreaminess and sentimentality into erotic communication, enhances psychologism, attraction and reverent attitude towards a partner, supports and develops vitality, kindles and strengthens desire, stabilizes mood and softens stress. The use of a fragrant composition in procedures supports the creative forces inherent in eroticism, developing sensuality and openness. There is an impact on psychological aspects, in particular, the elimination of tightness, shyness, stiffness.

Regular use of the composition forms and maintains a bright source of joy, love and life in a person. It has a rejuvenating effect on the body, tones the genitals. The mixture works as an antioxidant, prevents degenerative changes associated with the transition of age stages. Improves blood circulation, normalizes hormonal health and menstrual cycle. Improves reproductive function.

Relieves symptoms during menopause.
Fragrance tone: transparent and gentle attractive tone, with a slight green tint and a touch of a flower petal. The soft embrace of the fragrance merges with the secret of the skin, leaving a velvety, slightly powdered trail of a luxurious image.
The application
is recommended for course use in case of a special period and need, or daily use, if desired
, it is used in pure and mixed form in traditional medicine and homeopathy as individual intimate perfumes
for the manufacture of mixtures with other absolutes
for the manufacture of mixtures with medicinal and cosmetic oils for application to the skin and hair