Intimate oil elixir-aphrodisiac "Liquid Gold" 3 ml ( 0.1 oz)

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  • A spicy and intoxicating aroma that combines green and tart notes, turning into passion and fiery energy.
  • Ingredients
    tall conifer leaves (Ephedra procera), Indian datura inflorescences (Datura metel), hemlock spotted leaves (Conium maculatum), cinnamon bengal bark (cinnamomum bengalense), Sri Lankan patchouli fermented leaves of Pogostemon patchouli), nutmeg macis dried prisemannik (Myristica fragrans), yathryshnik tubers (Orchis mascula), oils of the first cold pressed: Prangos zeravshan seeds (Prangos pabularia), kev bakout gum resin (Postacia atlantica)