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Intimate oil elixir-aphrodisiac "Love connection" (for women and men) 3 ml ( 0.1 oz)

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  • Refined shades of a sweet trail of spices, musky breath with smoke. A long fragrant trail reflects the softness of the East.
  • Compositionorganic extraction of vegetable raw materials: burning mukuna leaves, betel bark, rauwolfia snake root, zedoaria root, first cold pressed oil: pumpkin nutmeg seeds infusion: operculum ungulate caps of clam in zanzibar castor oil seeds, first cold pressed oil: prangos zeravshan seeds, gum oil: kevovy bakout gum resin
Item description from the seller
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From the nobility of your face, the cypress in the garden is in turmoil,

The spicy fragrance of your curls introduces musk into confusion,

Even the sun illuminating the earth from heaven,

From the beauty of your face in confusion

Intimate oil elixir "love connection" increases interest and passion, enhances erotic pulsation, imagination and fantasy. Activates energy, sharpens erotic communication, helps to guess and fulfill the most explicit desires of the partner. Strengthens the intuition and psychology of the love game, raises it to its highest peaks.
The use of the mixture stimulates libido. The oil composition has stimulating properties, enhances sexual function.

The fragrance neutralizes states of depression, nervous disorders. It fights various forms of dysfunction in the human body. Eliminates disharmony in family relationships. Regulates mental disorders at the level of lowering personal self-esteem. Eliminates sexual coldness, frigidity. It liberates, allowing you to expand the boundaries of perception of the sensual form of communication, improve health, learn how to generate the energy of youth.

Fragrance tone: a powerful bouquet of emotional fragrance saturates the body with a full-fledged energy of eroticism and attraction. Refined shades of a sweet trail of spices, musky breath with smoke. A long fragrant trail reflects the softness of the East. The predominance of a rich palette makes this mixture valuable in daily use both alone and in pairs with a partner.

The application
is recommended for course use in case of a special period and need, or daily use at will
it is used in pure and mixed form in traditional medicine and homeopathy as an individual intimate perfume
for the manufacture of mixtures with other absolutes
for the manufacture of mixtures with medicinal and cosmetic oils for application to the skin and hair