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Invisible Height Increase Insole

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About this item
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  • Invisible height increase insole
  • Material: EVA, fiber
  • Triangular anchor design
  • Air gap cushion for comfort
  • Free size design
  • Suitable with casual, formal, and sports shoes
Item description from the seller
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Having blessed with a good height is undoubtedly a positive point that attracts the opposite gender. But if you are not naturally blessed with this, we have a perfect product to make you look taller than your actual height.

Take a generous look at these Invisible Height Increase Insole that will make you taller than your real height.

These insoles can be conveniently worn inside any kind of shoes, making them invisible to other people.

What you’ll get:

  • Comfortable to wear: These elevated soles have air cushioned caps which provide extra comfort to your heels and ensure that you feel relaxed wearing them all day long.
  • Suitable with a variety of shoes: These insoles are ideal for wearing with sports, formal, or casual shoes without damaging their appearance.
  • Concealed design: These height-increasing insoles are concealed inside your shoes with no one able to see them and know the reason behind your increased height.
  • Provides stability: The triangular anchor design of the insoles provides stability while walking and keep the layers of insoles bonded together.
  • Free size: The insole has markings of foot sizes: you can adjust the length of the sole as per your needs by cutting the extra part.