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Karipain Scar enzymatic skin gel with Collagenase and Tizol regeneration 40 ml ( 1.35 oz )

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  • Method of applicationApply evenly in a thin layer, spread by gentle rubbing until completely absorbed on a clean, moist area of the skin that requires care. Apply as needed, at least 2 times a day, until the desired effect is achieved, but not less than 20 days.
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The enzyme gel "Karipain Scar" is intended for skin care with reduced functional properties, due to the previous loss of its protective barrier from external factors and violation of its integrity. Due to the formation of a stable active complex of the modern transcutaneous conductor aquacomplex titanium glycerosolvate (Tizol), which has high permeability, and proteolytic enzymes of direct action papain and collagenase, which destroy the structure of dense connective tissue fibers, the gel helps to restore the functional properties of the skin, its regeneration without scarring, increase its barrier functions and improve aesthetic appearance.