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Kitchen Cabinet Sensor Light

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About this item
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  • The cabinet light turns on and off automatically as you open and close the door, providing convenient lighting for your cabinets, closets, and wardrobes.
  • Easily attach the light to your existing hinges for a perfect fit.
  • It gets powered by 23 AE 12V battery (not included) for bright and reliable lighting. 
  • Enjoy bright and efficient lighting for up to 50000 hours for your cabinets, closets, and wardrobes
  • One light in one order
Item description from the seller
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Illuminate your cabinets with ease with the Kitchen Cabinet Sensor Light. Designed to work with any cabinet hinge, this innovative light turns on and off automatically as you open and close your cabinet. Simply attach it to your existing hinge and enjoy the convenience of well-lit cabinets.

The Kitchen Cabinet Sensor Light is perfect for closets, wardrobes, kitchens, and bathrooms. No more fumbling around with flashlights, simply open the cabinet door and watch as its contents are beautifully illuminated. And with its press-contact switch, the light turns off when the cabinet door is closed, conserving battery power.

This practical and affordable cabinet light is easy to install and offers a convenient solution to all your cabinet lighting needs. Say goodbye to cluttered, dark cabinets and hello to effortless and well-lit storage space. Upgrade your cabinets now. 

Installing your Kitchen Cabinet Sensor Lights is easy!

Step 1- Pop back off of the light and install 23 AE 12V Alkaline battery.

Step 2- Remove the hinge screw cover, place the plastic back piece on with the large opening toward the front of the cabinet and screw back. 

Step 3- Snap the light back onto the back with the button facing the cabinet door.

Step 4- Make adjustments if necessary.