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Korg Prologue - "Cyber Nights" Vol.1

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Welcome to the world of Analog Sounds!

We had a huge inspiration after successful “Arakis” soundset and put all our effort to this sounds.

You ask for a long time & finally its here – third complete soundset for Korg Prologue 8/16 made by Sebastian Cordoves

"Cyber Nights" Vol.1

64 organic Presets with wide range in timbrality.

Here you will find all what you need for writing your fresh soundtrack, electronic song, ambient & cinematic music:

  • Massive Basses
  • Moving Leads
  • Unusual modular Arpeggios
  • Recreation of famous synth sounds 
  • Beautiful cinematic strings – massive & wide
  • Organic pads & low drones
  • Bells & Plucks

    No external Osc & Fx were used. You will found instruction of “how to” inside the pack.
    Here you will find all what you need for writing your synthwave track, electronic song, ambient & cinematic vibes.


    Cyber Brass
    Chorus Bass
    FM 80s EP
    Str + Rtm
    Anthem Synth
    Soft Brass
    FM Lead 01
    Gated Pad
    Stab Brass
    80s Magic
    Hybrid Pad 1
    FatLine Bass
    Warm Strings
    Brass 5th
    Fat J1 Synth
    FM Marimba
    Synclavier 7
    Synth Brass
    Dirty Poly
    FM Bass1
    FM Syn Key
    Sync Synth 1
    Hard Synth
    Bass Sweep
    High Strings
    Hybrid Pad 2
    Yaz Brass
    Raw Bass
    Juno Pad 01
    Fat FM Synth
    Juno Sweep
    Juno Synth 1
    Juno Str 01
    Laser Harp
    Reese Bass
    Juno Synth 2
    SWave Bass
    Ringmod LD
    Juno Str 02
    Saw Lead
    Tri Lead
    Swirl String
    Str Machine
    Juno Synth 3
    Sweep Pad 1
    Sync Lead
    Moving Pad
    Bell + Brass
    Sync Synth 2
    In Air Pad
    Synclavier 9
    Juno Pad 02
    FM Bells Pad
    ModWheel ARP
    Noise Down
    Space Sax
    FM Bells
    8bit Bomb
    Juno Pluck