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Leather Wrist Strap Keychain

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About this item
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  • Made of PU leather
  • Tassels at the end
  • Keeps your keys & other items near you
  • No fear of losing keys now
  • One size fits all
  • Different colors available
Item description from the seller
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There are plenty of times when you would have forgotten your keychain at a grocery shop or someone’s home. It’s both annoying and frustrating.

What if no one at the shop tells you that you have left behind your keys?

What if you come home and then notice you have left keys at the coffee table of your friend’s home?

We are here to help!

This charming leather wrist strap keychain keeps your keys and other stuff close to you always, in addition to being an appealing fashion accessory.

What you’ll get:

  • Lets you carry your purse & keychain in a single hand: The main use of this keychain bracelet is that it lets you carry the purse and the keychain in a single hand. It is not meant to be a tight-fitting bracelet but something that you can quickly throw over your arm (all the way up to your elbow) and then easily scoop it down when you want to have access to your keys.

  • Easy access to your keychain anywhere: No need to rummage through your pocket to find the keys now. Just bring your arm down and the keychain will be at your disposal. Hang your house’s keys, car keys, fidget toy and lip balm with this wrist keychain and have peace of mind.

  • No fear of getting your keychain lost: This bracelet frees you from the tension of losing your keychain. Such a big item cannot be forgotten easily. Even if you do, it would be discoverable by the people who can tell you about it immediately.