LED Display Alarm Clock

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  • Curved LED screen
  • Night mode
  • Temperature display range: -10 to 50 Celsius
  • Easy setup with 5 buttons
  • 3 AAA batteries or USB cable power source
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Do you find it hard to open your eyes and come out of the sweet dreams of the night? The cozy bed and blanket make it extra hard for you to put down your feet. And all this delay makes you late for your office or school.

Want to get rid of this bad habit and adopt a more punctual life? If so, this LED digital display alarm clock is made just for you.

The multi-functional alarm clock is a digital watch; shows temperature; lights up bright during the day; and automatically dims during the night, making it convenient to place on your side table.

Its simple and sleek design take it way ahead of the fancy and heavy alarm clocks.

What you’ll get:

  • Excellent display: The LED display of this alarm clock is highly clear to read the time. Digits on it are bright and big enough to enable you to tell the time even from across the room. The curved led screen makes it easy for you to see time from different angles.  

  • Simple yet attractive design: With a minimalistic approach towards designing, this LED display alarm clock is still an ideal room accessory. Place it on your work table or beside your computer screen. It can also be the missing piece of décor that you were looking for to place in your room.

  • Multiple functions: It is not only a regular alarm clock but has a temperature showing function in it too. You can also set up night mode to schedule the dimness or brightness of the clock. It offers everything and more that you expect from an alarm clock.

*AAA batteries not included, USB cable included.