LED Dripping Icicle Lights Outdoor For Christmas & Celebrations (8-Piece Set)

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by HomeDecorAndMore
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LED Dripping Icicle Lights Outdoor For Christmas & Celebrations (8-Piece Set)

In Stock
by HomeDecorAndMore
10 reviews
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  • Takes the outdoor home look to the next level
  • Material: PC
  • Waterproof, Durable
  • Can be adjusted according to space
  • Comes with a built-in button
  • Connects 2-4 LED strands with one plug
  • 8 Individual lights & 36 LEDs in total
  • Colors available: Warm, white, blue & mix


The realistic dripping and melting effect of these exquisite Dripping Icicle Lights will make your house’s exterior a sure wonderland. It comes as 8 individual lights with a total of 36 LEDs that are bright enough to create an ever-lasting and magical meteor shower scene outdoors. Available in white, warm, blue and multi-color, these Icicle lights measure 20” in length and a total length of 10.5 ft.

What you’ll get:

  • Ability to attach them anywhere: Designed for outdoor use, these rod lights can resist rain, water spills, winds, dust and even snow. But you are recommended to waterproof the plug and any connections you make.
  • Colorful & bright icicle effect: They feature beautiful aesthetics and are effective for creating a magical effect. Four different colors can produce different effects of a meteor shower, snowfall and vibrant celestial ambiance.
  • Connect as many as you like: You can connect as many strands of the Melting Icicle Lights as you want according to space. Simply plug in the connector with each strand to extend the length.
  • Ease of use: To turn them on, simply push the built-in button and enjoy the unique lighting effect as these Dripping Icicle Lights produce a cascading effect, much like raindrops flowing down a windowpane. Designed to connect 2 or more strands together using one plug. Features a clear connector at the start of the string lights that can be used to attach up to 4 strings with one plug. This ensures that all of the lights work well and are at optimal brightness.
  • Added flair: Add rich color to your patios, porches and backyards with 4 color options of white, warm, blue and colorful. You can have barbeques and liquor sessions with your friends under these lights.
  • Great lights for outdoor events: They are usable at any outdoor event, weddings, Christmas celebrations, Birthdays, Anniversaries, business gatherings, hardscape lighting and tree, bush and hedge decorations.
  • Material: PC