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LED Floating Globe Lamp

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About this item
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  • Float into the Future - Watch the globe spin effortlessly in mid-air thanks to the mesmerizing levitation technology
  • Illuminate Your Space - Brighten up your home or office with colorful LED lights
  • Plug and Play - No complicated set-ups, our 12V DC adapter powers our levitating globe lamp
  • Power Up in Style - Features a sleek, modern design with a C-shaped magnetic frame made of plastic and metal
  • Stay Safe with Power Outage Protection - If there is a power outage, the magnetic levitation globe will be held by the frame, which ensures your safety
  • Customize to Your Taste - Choose from black, gold, or blue globe colors to match your decor and style
  • C-Ring dimensions -  7" x 7"
  • Globe diameter - 3.5 inches
Item description from the seller
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Introduce a touch of futuristic magic to your home or office with our C-shaped LED Floating Globe Lamp! 

This levitating globe spins around the illuminated C-ring, powered by a 12V DC adapter for a mesmerizing and unique visual effect. 

The plastic and metal construction ensures durability, and the magnetic levitation technology makes installation a breeze. 

Plus, the globe is held by the frame in case of a power outage, so you can enjoy the floating globe all the time. With a diameter of 3.5 inches and a size of the C-ring of 7” x 7”, this gadget is sure to make a statement in any room!

LED Floating Globe Lamp

A Sight to See
The LED lights on the globe add an extra layer of interest to the already mesmerizing floating effect. The colorful hues are perfect for creating a soothing ambiance in any room, making it the perfect addition to your home or office space.

Easy Set Up
With the easy to follow instructions, you'll have your globe levitating in no time and with the touch switch function you can turn off the globe light without unplugging the power.

  1. Place the C-shaped device on a flat surface and switch on the power. Gently hold the globe with your fingers and place the white stick on the base, near the top of the globe, to act as support. Slowly guide the south pole of the globe downwards.
  2. Slowly guide the globe towards the center of the base, adjusting its position left and right or front and back, until you find the perfect levitation point.
  3. Once the globe is in the ideal position, you'll feel a strong force holding it in place. Gently release your hands and watch in amazement as your globe floats in mid-air.

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