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LED Floating Globe Lamp

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  • Float into the Future - Watch the globe spin effortlessly in mid-air thanks to the mesmerizing levitation technology
  • Illuminate Your Space - Brighten up your home or office with colorful LED lights
  • Plug and Play - No complicated set-ups, our 12V DC adapter powers our levitating globe lamp
  • Power Up in Style - Features a sleek, modern design with a C-shaped magnetic frame made of plastic and metal
  • Stay Safe with Power Outage Protection - If there is a power outage, the magnetic levitation globe will be held by the frame, which ensures your safety
  • Customize to Your Taste - Choose from black, gold, or blue globe colors to match your decor and style
  • C-Ring dimensions -  7" x 7"
  • Globe diameter - 3.5 inches
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