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Lord Of The Rings Sword Of Boromir ,LOTR Boromir Replica Sword , Fantasy Costume Sword, Renaissance Costume Armor

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  • Handmade knives
  • Hand Forged sword
  • Lord of the rings
  • Wall decor, medieval Sword, Replica Swords, home decor master sword
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Lord Of The Rings Sword Of Boromir ,LOTR Boromir Replica Sword , Fantasy Costume Sword, Renaissance Costume Armor , Anniversary Gift For Him

Product Specifications:

Overall Length: ~38 inches

Blade Length: ~30 inches

Handle Length: ~8 inches

Blade Thickness: ~0.25 inches

Blade constructed with high-quality stainless steel

Comes along with a fully customized leather sheath.




The last Steward of Gondor, Boromir, was the most established offspring of Denethor and got various characteristics of his father. Good and respectable, he was known in Gondor for his coarseness and importance. He was sharp, astounding having exceptional genuine limits yet remained way and respectful in his conversations, especially to his father. He was a solid saint as praised by the enemy too who may fight for his men to the last pant. His lively system and solid character were striking for being his most significant asset in battle. As seen on various occasions during his trip with the One Ring and the Fellowship, he was hot-tempered and even infection-tempered from time to time. Notwithstanding the way that inside and out proposed, his hankering for the One Ring was corrupting and showed the force of the ring, having the choice to deteriorate even the mightiest of champions. Boromir drove various battles against the Orcs and the forces of Sauron to save his city from destruction and perniciousness

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Listed on 25 May, 2023