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Magic Broom

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About this item
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  • Material: EVA + Stainless Steel
  • 180° rotation system
  • Ideal to clean narrowed corners
  • Perfectly works at any place
  • Breaking & bending free
Item description from the seller
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Cleaning jelly-type liquids or small particles from the floor gets you tired. And sometimes, even after putting in a lot of work, you stay unable to wipe the ground.

In addition, an untidy floor loses the overall beauty of your home and attracts germs toward it.

But no need to worry and start using this Magic Broom.

It enables you to deeply sponge the floor with just a slight push while being comfortable and pleasant.

What you’ll get:

  • Crystal clear cleaning: The elastic rubber blade of this wiper cleans all liquid types from the floor. The sponge’s well-designed edges easily go to the narrow corners of your home and acutely clean them. 
  • 180° rotation mechanism: This broom is 180 degrees rotatable to easily turn it at the required angle without moving from your place.
  • Convenient to use: Its long handle enables you to use it without bending. If you suffer from backache or legs pain, this magic broom will be convenient for you since it doesn’t affect your posture while using.
  • No rust & breaking: Quality stainless steel and plastic are used to make this broom. It resists rust and corrosion and sustains its quality. The shaft is firmly attached to the brush cap to prevent falling off.
  • Wide applications: This broom perfectly works in all types of places like wiping anything from the garage, tile, wetland board, sponging water from window glass, timber and vinyl floors, and so on.