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Magic Bun Maker
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Magic Bun Maker
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Magic Bun Maker
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Magic Bun Maker
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Magic Bun Maker
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Magic Bun Maker
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Magic Bun Maker
Magic Bun Maker
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Magic Bun Maker
Magic Bun Maker

Magic Bun Maker

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About this item
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  • Makes uniform bun of your hair within seconds
  • Instant bun maker
  • Easy to remove – No hair tangle while removing it
  • Perfect for working women
Item description from the seller
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You're late for work or school and you only have 10 minutes to primp! What do you do?

Even if you're super efficient, you'd still have to choose between putting on make-up or having an acceptable hairstyle. 

Putting on make-up and leaving your hair untidy or combing your hair nice and neat without wearing any make-up... neither choice is a perfect option.

But now, with our Magic Hair Bun Maker, you'll never find yourself trapped in this awkward situation again!

Spare yourself just 1 minute for your hair and save the other 9 minutes for putting on your make-up!

What you’ll get:

  • Quick priming: The simplest thing you can have for styling your hair is this magic hair bun maker. Roll your hair in it, run it towards your head and make a stunning-looking bun. A must have hair accessory for you. 

  •  Makes multiple styled buns: Thanks to this styling tool, you can make french twist bun, high bun, side bun, etc in under a minute. Have you breakfast without any haste because it will save you a lot of prep time. 


Usage of the magic hair styling bun maker:

1. Put your hair into a ponytail.

2. Straighten the instant bun maker, and place your hair between the two bands.

3. Hold both ends together, and roll upwards toward the base of the ponytail.

4. Bend and snap the two bands together.

5. A little adjustment is needed to ensure that the bun shaper is fully covered by your hair.


It's certainly the simplest way to make an easy and elegant bun and now you're good to go!