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Magical Metal Windmill

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About this item
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  • Add charm to your garden -  The flower-shaped metal rings spin as they blow in the wind
  • Enjoy a mesmerising show - The spinning windmill creates a relaxing ambiance
  • Installation is simple -  No additional wiring is required since the wind drives it
  • All weather protection - With a brushed coating finish and stabilising stakes on the base, it will withstand all weather conditions
  • Made with iron -  Strong, durable, and detailed
  • Stake size: 60 cm approx
  • Windmill diameter: 35 cm approx
Item description from the seller
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A wind spinner no longer just tells you how strong the wind is or in which direction it is blowing.

It can also help make your outdoor space more welcoming and exciting.

So whether you're having a BBQ or outdoor dinner, or simply want to elevate your atmosphere, this magical metal windmill will complement your outdoor garden décor perfectly.

You and your guests will be enchanted by the sight of it twirling in your front garden or yard thanks to its intricate and beautiful design.

Outdoor artwork with special design:
The blades of this yard spinner spin in different directions, and the ball-bearing construction allows it to spin even in light winds. 

Showcase your taste:
Express your style by displaying home décor made with quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

Motion in two directions:
It is made of solid metal construction with two tiers of spinning blades rotating smoothly in opposite directions.

Have more fun in your outdoor space!
It is sure to make your evening in the garden more relaxing with its captivating motion.