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Magical Rainbow Projector Lamp & Night Light

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About this item
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  • Material: ABS
  • Witness a magical rainbow wherever you want
  • Switch to monochrome light
  • Comforting night light
  • LED lamp beads
  • USB charging shell
  • Charging cable included
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Item description from the seller
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Sparkly pearls, the rainbow after a rainy day, beautiful sunset, and colorful LED lights have the power to lift our mood.

We can't help but admire the eye-pleasing sight in front of us, no matter how tired, gloomy, or frustrated we feel.

We all love to see a magical spell around us that can make us go 'Awww.'

But, you can't be lucky enough to enjoy such a sight with your kid, family, or partner whenever you want. Can you?

Of course, you can if you get this rainbow projector lamp.


Because it can be your safe place or a night light whenever you need colors in your life! (or in your baby's room. :p)

What you'll get:

  • Cool night light for kids room: The beautiful led rainbow will cast a soothing spell on your baby, and you won't even know when he fell asleep watching the beautiful colors.

  • Romantic room ambiance: It can be a perfect lamp to create the mood for a couple because it isn't too bright or dim, which can set the room's vibe to a welcoming feel.

  • Set the gradient: You can choose the bright rainbow or switch to a monochromatic light pattern according to your mood from the buttons on the projector.

  • Convenient USB charging: Open the shell lid to view the magical rainbow and simply plug in to recharge. Save battery, save the spell!

  • Ideal gift for your partner: The pearl rainbow projector case is beautiful to see and works perfectly even in the car, lounge, or bedroom. Your partner will miss you even more, looking at the mesmerizing rainbow.

* Remove the foil from the mirror before use

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Listed on 14 July, 2021