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Magnetic Therapy Device "Vega plus" 45 treatprograms, autoscanning, multi languages

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Device "Vega-plus" is a magnetic therapy device, which is a compact, modern and multifunctional device that uses the energy of a low-frequency magnetic field in its work. It is suitable for both professional use and home use.
It is a compact electronic device with a convenient interface and simple control. In its arsenal of 45 treatment programs with already installed parameters, consequently, the capabilities of the device are much more than those of its analogues. The device has two channels of action. The device settings are set using buttons, and information is displayed on the LCD. The level of intensity and frequency of treatment parameters, exposure time is regulated depending on the needs and individual sensitivity of the user.
Due to the action of the magnetic field on the human body, blood circulation is activated and the metabolism in various organs and tissues improves. Such a field relaxes vascular smooth muscles, reduces blood viscosity, and weakens inflammatory processes. Another advantage of the Vega Plus apparatus is that it stimulates local and general immunity, and also has a mild analgesic effect.
The use of the device can be for the treatment, prevention, prevention of relapse, maintenance of the body in tone. Vega Plus has a wide range of applications in physiotherapy treatment.
Device Vega Plus has multi languages. A user is able to set one of the five languages available: Italian,  English, French, Spanich, German.

programs 01-20 - are used for pathologies defined character.
01 Osteoporosis 50Hz 20min  7m
02 Arthrosis 15Hz 20min 10m
03  Arthritis 30Hz 20min 5m
04  Cerv. Arthrosis 5Hz 20min 5m
05  Articular Pain 25Hz 15min 8m
06  Cervicalgias 10Hz 20min 8m
07  Sprains 50Hz 20min 10m
08  Fractures 50Hz 20min 10m
09  Epicondylitis 45Hz 20min 10m
10  Epitrocleitis 40Hz 20min 5m
11  Intercost. Con. 15Hz 30min 10m
12  Lumbalgy 60Hz 20min 10m
13  Lumbar Pain 60Hz 20min 7m
14  Shoulder Art. 30Hz 30min 10m
15  Knee Arthrosis 45Hz 20min 10m
16  Periarthritis 50Hz 15min 8m
17  Coxarthrosis 50Hz 30min 10m
18  Musc. athropy 35Hz 20min 10m
19  Musc. contract. 20Hz 20min 10m
20  Osteonecrosis 50Hz 15min 7m
programs 21-34 - are used when choosing the required for magnetic field frequency treatment.
Magnetic field frequency:  1 Hz; 3 Hz; 5 Hz; 10 Hz; 15 Hz; 20 Hz; 30 Hz; 40 Hz; 50 Hz; 60 Hz; 70 Hz; 80 Hz; 90 Hz; 100 Hz.
program 35 - auto scan program is applied to restore both hard (bone) and soft (muscles, ligaments) in one treatment session. 
In addition to programs with specified parameters, AMT "VEGA" has 10 programs USER 01-10 for individual use with the ability to change and store in memory personal treatment parameters (session time, frequency and the intensity of the magnetic field).

- Device "VEGA PLUS" - 1 pc.
- AC adapter - 1 pc.
- Elastic belt with 3 magnets - 1 pc.
- Belt with 2 round magnets - 1 pc.
- Test magnet - 1 pc.
- Operation manual in RU - 1pc.( you can use the online file (PDF) for google translation.).
- Packing bag - 1pc