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Matching Couple Magnetic Bracelet
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Matching Couple Magnetic Bracelet

Matching Couple Magnetic Bracelet

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About this item
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  • Metal: Stainless Steel
  • Cord chain
  • Non-irritable
  • Adjustable band
  • Couple bracelet set
  • Magnetic connecting clasp
  • Meaningful gift for your partner
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Give the intimate and lovely bond that you have, a special meaning. And, getting matching couple bracelets is the best way to do it!

Showing love and expressing feelings for your babe is never enough. But, but, but, our matching couple magnetic bracelet is an exception! It is as unique as your relationship. Plus, the powerful closure won't let your love go anywhere.

What you'll get:

  • Special message for an emotional reminder: If, by any chance, you had to part ways for some time to be in a long distance relationship, these magnetic couple bracelets will always remind him or her that you'll be together soon.

  • Friendship bands: It is like an eternal promise charm that you and your best friend are stuck together forever.

  • Minimalistic design: Our charm bracelet's simple chain style is ideal for everyday wear. When the magnets aren't attached, it seems more like a fashionable accessory, and no one will be able to tell if it has a secret meaning (if you haven't told anyone 😉).


How to tighten magnetic couple bracelet: Pull one end of the rope towards the other knot, leaving enough space between so it won't become uncomfortable to wear.

How to adjust couple magnetic bracelet: Slightly pull apart both knots. Next, hold one string with a finger while moving one knot away from it. And repeat the same thing with other string and knot once it loses enough.

Now, wear it and gently hold the knot by moving the string opposite to tighten it again. Repeat the movement unless it has your desired size and fitting.