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Medieval Warrior Double Headed Battle Axe With Leather Sheath, Labrys, Handmade Carbon Steel Two Sided Axe, Medieval

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This item is handmade. Please allow 2 - 4 days for processing.
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  • Leviathan Axe, Battle axe, double sided axe, axe sheath, double headed Axe
  • Christmas gifts, viking wedding, boyfriend gifts, Axes, large Long axe
  • Bearded axes axis, pelekys labrys, gift For men
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Handmade Axe, Medieval Warrior Double Headed Battle Axe, Two Sided Axe, Medieval Axe


This incredible design of axe is 100% fully hand forged. This is a piece of true craftsmanship. The axe is made from high quality carbon steel. The impressive blade comes razor sharp, so it can be used in a variety of ways. The medieval production features an artful and an antique patina blade. Hilt is bound with cowhide pure leather and comes with a beautiful, cowhide sheath with belt loop.




Hand Forged Carbon Steel Head

Razor Sharpened Axe Edge

Hardened Axe Head

Hand Engraved Ash Wood Shaft

Premium Leather Sheath Included




Overall Length: 25.00"Inches

Head Length: 8.50"Inches

Cutting Edge: 6.50"Inches

Material: Carbon Steel

Blade Hardness: 54-58 HRC

Blade Sharpness: Razor Sharpened Edge

Accessories: Premium Leather Sheath

Special Gift


Excellent husband wife gift

Wedding gift

Father's Day gift

Mother's Day gift

Birthday Gift

Groomsmen gift

Christmas gift

Anniversary gift for husband

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