Memory Foam Super Absorbent Floor Mat

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  • Made of coral fleece memory foam
  • Absorbs 3x more water than ordinary mats
  • Anti-skid PVC back
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Attractive pebble design
  • Size: 50 x 80 cm approx.

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Those wet footmarks on your room’s floor after you come dripping out of the washroom…Ughhh.

And what about that time when you accidentally slipped on the tile washroom floor after coming out of the bathtub.

Solve both these problems with this super absorbent floor mat. Made of coral fleece memory foam, it absorbs 3 times more water than ordinary mats. And the appealing pebble design adds style and visual interest for an upscale look that matches your room’s décor.

And how can we skip mentioning the soothing sensation when you see your embossed footprint slowly dissolving in the memory foam surface. Get hold of this mat and enjoy this feeling along with other benefits.

What you’ll get:

  • Cleaner and dryer rooms: Say goodbye to those wet footmarks on your room after taking a bath. Land your feet on this bathroom mat and it will quickly absorb all the water dripping from your feet and legs. The coral fleece fabric is designed to be an impressive absorber.

  • No accidental slipping: Thanks to the non-slip PVC backing of this floor mat, it won’t slide when you put pressure on it. Minimize your chances of slipping now. Place it beside your bathtub or use it as a doormat for your bathroom.

  • Fits in well with your room’s décor: This memory foam floor mat is available in both light and dark colors with an attractive pebble pattern that complements your room’s décor. Get the one that feels most suitable for your flooring.

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Listed on 11 January, 2022