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Men's intimate oil elixir-aphrodisiac "Middle of the night" 3 ml ( 0.1 oz)

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  • A strong male aphrodisiac with a beautiful, unique trail fragrance
  • Compositionorganic extraction of vegetable raw materials: black truffle tuberous underground fruit body (tuber melanosporus), immodest phallus spore-bearing mushroom body (phallus impudicus), eurycoma long-leaved fruits (eurycoma longifolla), erythroxylum catuaba fruits (erithroxylum vaccinifolium), first cold pressed oils: arugula seeds (eruca sativa), prangos Zeravshan seeds (prangos pabularia), gum oil: kev bakout gum resin (pistacia atlantica mutica)
Item description from the seller
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The intimate oil elixir "Middle of the Night" is a strong male aphrodisiac, thanks to the phytosteroids contained in the live composition, androgens similar to male sex hormones.
The composition enhances potency, increases the duration of foreplay and contact, warms and excites, gives determination and self-confidence.

The effect of the fragrance eliminates stiffness and discomfort, fills with the desire for erotic victory, improves sexual functions, increases potency and emotionality of the perception of intimacy. There is an increase in the acuity of sensations and the general tone of the body, endurance is formed and the quality of life increases. The elixir neutralizes the physiological causes of the convergence of libido by regulating the level of hormones.

Organic absolutes of the composition, in addition to a powerful healing effect, carry the sacred energy of ancient knowledge of the flora of the Middle East and Africa.

The use of the mixture will be desirable for the health of men and for the renewal of personal relationships.

Fragrance tone: the rich shimmering fragrance of the handsome man, spreading his nobility, conquers with a velvety overtone of fruit and woody notes and a bright trail of warm spice wave. The perception of fragrance on a subconscious level, the birth of energy, where fantastic forward movement and power are combined.

The application
is recommended for course use in case of a special period and need, or daily use at will
it is used in pure and mixed form in traditional medicine and homeopathy as an individual intimate perfume
for the manufacture of mixtures with other absolutes
for the manufacture of mixtures with medicinal and cosmetic oils for application to the skin and hair