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Men's intimate oil elixir-aphrodisiac "The heyday of youth" 3 ml ( 0.1 oz)

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  • A rare national blend of natural aphrodisiacs for men, unique plants increase the level of the male hormone testosterone, improving sexual functions, increase activity and potency.
  • Ingredientsorganic extraction of vegetable raw materials: African Ashanti pepper seeds (Piper guineense), mountain esparcet inflorescences (Onobrychis montana), Voacanga African seeds (Voacanga africana), cassita filiform stem vine (Cassytha filiformis), first-pressed oils: Areca palm Abdulrahman fibrous seeds (Areca abdulrahmanii), prangos zeravshan seeds (Prangos pabularia), gum oil: kev bakout gum resin (Pistacia atlantica mutica)
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The intimate aphrodisiac "the heyday of youth" brings teasing fervor and wit into the relationship, develops a stormy fantasy of gestures and touches. The aromatic mixture has a beneficial effect on the restoration of a man's reproductive health. When the natural pheromones of the composition of the elixir are combined with the secret of a man's skin, an instant reaction is formed - and a feeling of love covers the body. Improves the flow of lymph and blood supply. Mental and physical activity is activated.
This aphrodisiac sharpens the sense of self, makes every minute of the love game bright. Strengthens masculine strength, eliminates coldness in relationships.

The tone of the fragrance: dark amber absorbs consciousness, the perception of the fragrance is twofold, a passionate desire to inhale, catches specks of bitterness, instantly replaced by traces of vanilla-chocolate hue and splashes of spices. Beautiful animalistic notes remain on the skin with balanced shades of oak resinous buds, caramel and leather.

it is recommended for course use in case of a special period and need, or daily use, if desired
, it is used in pure and mixed form in traditional medicine and homeopathy as an individual intimate perfume
for the manufacture of mixtures with other absolutes
for the manufacture of mixtures with medicinal and cosmetic oils for application to the skin and hair