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Mesh Beach Bag For Snacks, Drinks, And Toiletries

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About this item
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  • Material: Mesh fabric
  • Height: 20cm approx.
  • Bottom: 18 x 14cm approx.
  • Handheld Height: 15cm approx.
  • Quick-drying & long-lasting material
  • 8 Pockets for extra storage space
  • Strong fabric to protect the bag from tearing
  • Useful for bathroom, picnics, or road trips
Item description from the seller
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The best way of enjoying your beach day without forgetting anything at home is with this mesh beach bag.

Making a list of essentials that you'll be needing on your beach picnic is the easy part; the difficult one is to find a bag that can conveniently fit all your needful items in it and still be easy to carry.

Well, it's not that difficult with our mesh beach bag. With 8 pockets, you will have enough space to keep your toiletries and other essential items together.

What you'll get:

  • Tear-proof fabric: This mesh tote bag has double reinforced Oxford cloth handles that make sure that it holds heavy items without tearing up. That means you have got yourself a long-lasting storage bag that you'll be carrying on your next beach trips.

  • Quick-drying: Even if your bag gets wet by the tides of the ocean on your beach day, the fabric mesh cloth is quick to dry.

  • Spacious storage: With 8 pockets all around the mesh bag, you have plenty of storage space for your towel, sunglasses, body lotions, sun cream, and other important toiletries that you wouldn't want to miss on a sunny picnic day.

  • Multi-functional: The bag is not only useful for your toiletries but is an excellent carrier for your snacks, drinks, or favorite books to read on a road trip. Conveniently place it in your car's back seat to keep your most used items within your arm's reach.