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Metallic Cordless Rechargeable Waterproof Table Lamps

byHomeDecorAndMore LLC
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About this item

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  • Molded with 3 types of machined metal to enjoy the tactile sensation in the dark.
  • This table lamp can be continuously lit for up to 8h(High)-150h(Low) depending on the mode.
  • With IP66 water resistance, the cordless lamp is portable and can be placed in the bathroom andeven outdoors.
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Upgrade your lighting with the Metallic Cordless Rechargeable Waterproof Table Lamp, designed for both practicality and aesthetic appeal. This sleek, aluminum-bodied lamp offers a modern look combined with high functionality, perfect for any setting. Featuring an energy-efficient SMD light source and a powerful 2800mAh battery, this lamp delivers between 3000K and 6000K color temperatures, allowing for both warm and cool lighting atmospheres. With its waterproof design and quick 2-3 hour charging time, it's ready for both indoor and outdoor use, ensuring you always have the right lighting when and where you need it.
Key Features:

  • High-Quality Aluminum Build: Durable and stylish, designed to complement modern decor.
  • Variable Color Temperature: Adjust from a warm, inviting glow to a crisp, energizing light.
  • Efficient SMD Lighting: Provides bright, long-lasting illumination with a low power draw.
  • Cordless and Portable: Move it easily without the hassle of cables, perfect for any room or outdoor space.
  • Quick Charging Capability: Get up to 9 hours of light from a short 2-3 hour charge.
  • Waterproof Integrity: IP65 rating ensures it stands up to the elements, making it ideal for varied environments.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for home, office, outdoor dining, or even as emergency lighting.
  • Energy Savings: Low voltage input and efficient LED technology reduce your electricity bills.
  • No Installation Hassle: Freestanding and portable, it can be placed or moved to wherever you need extra light.
  • Reliable Performance: Built to last with a robust battery and waterproof casing.
  • Adjustable Lighting: Easily switch between lighting modes to create the desired ambiance.
Power: 5.5w
Light source:
Input voltage
: 4.2v
Charging time: 2-3h
Material: all aluminum
Battery capacity: 2800mah
Protection level: Waterproof
Color temperature: 3000k—6000k
Use time: Highlight: 8h(High)-150h(Low).
Package Includes 1x Table Lamp, 1 x USB charging cable.