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Midnight Purgatory (Bugrov Bratva Book 1) by Nicole Fox

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My gorgeous neighbor just found my box of "personal toys."
And my mission to steal them back...
Ended in his bed.

It was supposed to be a joke:
Give my best friend raunchy toys for her bridal shower and embarrass her in front of her family.
But when my package is wrongly delivered to my gorgeous, mysterious neighbor,
I’m the one who ends up mortified.

I sneak over to his place to try stealing it back before he finds it.
The problem is, I get caught mid-heist...
And then he makes me stay for dinner.

Dinner leads to dessert and dessert leads to... other dessert, if you get my drift.
Several courses of sweet, sinful temptation.
In my defense, he's even more gorgeous up close than he is from my bedroom window.

When I finally get back home the next morning, I open my stolen prize.
But it seems I grabbed the wrong package.
And the violent mess I find inside will change my life forever.

Turns out my hot neighbor is a Russian Bratva boss, with some deep, dark secrets.
Turns out he got me pregnant, too.

MIDNIGHT PURGATORY is Book 1 of the Bugrov Bratva duet. Uri and Alyssa’s story continues in Book 2 of the Bugrov Bratva duet, MIDNIGHT SANCTUARY.