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Mini LED Lantern Light For Camping & House

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About this item
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  • Material: Plastic + Stainless Steel
  • Waterproof plastic housing
  • 3 x COB LEDs
  • Collapsible design; compact
  • Great for camping, nighttime bathroom breaks
  • Delivers the amount of illumination you need
  • Works on 3AAA batteries (not included)
Item description from the seller
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Why do you think ancient people used to light a fire while sleeping at night in the woods?

Because it kept the wild animals away. The world has changed now, though – unsheltered rugs have been replaced by camping tents, flashlights have taken the place of the fire.

But why settle for less when you can get the greatest.

This mini LED lantern light is an all-in-one camping illumination gadget for you. It delivers adjustable illumination thanks to the collapsible design, is extremely light in weight, has a waterproof housing and can also be hung.

And you can use it in your homes as well. For what?

For your nighttime bathroom breaks. No need to turn on the room light and hearing your kids and husband groaning, “Not again”:p.

What you’ll get:

  • Helpful camping lantern: What’s the problem with small flashlights? Either they are too small and have very low illumination or they are too big and heavy to carry. This waterproof mini lantern light is the perfect size and weight. It will allow you to perk up tents at night, find your necessities in total darkness, or be used as an outdoor camping security light. Owing to the stainless steel hangers, you can also hang them with a rope in your tent.

  • Compact and lightweight for easy transport: Camping lights should be light in weight and high in utility. This lantern light is exactly that. It weighs under 150g and has a collapsible design. The collapsed length is 9.5 cm, while the uncollapsed length is 14cm approx.

  • Adjustable illumination: The other good thing about this mini lantern flashlight is that you can control the amount of illumination you need. Pull it up to increase the illumination and push it down to decrease it. Use it for bathroom breaks at night, locating things in a blackout or executing study tasks at night.

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