Miniature sushi, rolls . TUTORIAL polymer clay. Mini food. Miniature food clay. Video pdf pattern.

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Miniature 14 roll options and 4 sushi options

Tutorial polymer clay = video+ photo+ text.

Digital product.


🍣In this miniature food tutorial you'll learn how to made of 14 roll options and 4 sushi options


🍣You will receive the detailed video (28 min) instructions with subtitles


🍣+ step-by-step ENGLISH TEXT explanation (it can be translated into any other language)

* Precise composition of the mixture of clay for rice and various ingredients

* How to make rice for rolls and sushi, what to use. 2 ways

* Imitation caviar, 3 types of fish, seaweed, wasabi, ginger. How exactly

* Drawing on the cut of the rolls, nuances, texture, options

* Sequence of actions for a realistic correct drawing

* Coating exactly how

- Can be made in different scales - 1:12, 1:6, 1:4 and larger