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Motion Sensing Solar Powered Car Wheel Lights

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About this item
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  • Material: Plastic
  • Solar Powered LED Lights
  • Motion sensing on/off
  • Waterproof
  • Give cool vibes to car wheels
  • Increase car visibility
  • Fits Schrader valve
  • Package includes 4 Pcs of LEDs
Item description from the seller
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Your car is your first love, and you must always be in search of gadgets to upgrade its look. 

Your quest for such products comes to an end with these Motion Sensing Solar Powered Car Wheel Lights that give an attractive look to your car wheels.

Make your car stand out even in a signal traffic rush and make people stare at the colorful tires for long. 

What you’ll get:

  • Solar Powered: These lights are charged by solar lights throughout the day, and the power is stored in a small battery that lights up these LEDs at night. 
  • Easy Installation: No need to have a tool kit nearby to install these LEDs on the tire. Simply wind it on the wheel air valve tightly to keep it attached. The package includes 4 LEDs for each tire and 4 nuts to attach them with the tire valve strongly. 
  • Motion sensing lights: The LEDs are motion-sensitive. When turned on, these will light up upon sensing motion in the tire. When the wheel stops the light also turns off. 
  • Wide Compatibility: These solar lights are suitable to install on both car and motorbike wheels. Make sure that your wheels are compatible with the Schrader valve to install these LEDs.
  • Suitable for all weathers: These are waterproof and are great in withstanding harsh weather conditions like rain or fog.
  • Different modes: Use the push button on the back of the LED to opt for your favorite color mode. The LEDs emit red, white, blue & green colors.