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Motorcycle Shaped Pizza Cutter

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About this item
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  • Material: Plastic + Stainless Steel
  • Motorcycle shaped design
  • Protective fender on the blade wheel
  • Handlebars include finger & thumb guard
  • Suitable for kitchen, restaurants, hotels, events
Item description from the seller
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Sitting at the roadside on a cool, breezy summer afternoon, munching at your favorite thin-crust pepperoni pizza and your grand-looking, 400-horsepower chopper bike parked beside you – isn’t that the best day!

But the thing is you can’t have such beautiful days any time you want – sometimes it will be unfavorable weather conditions, sometimes the pizza of your choice won’t be available, many of you wouldn’t even own a chopper.

But it’s all possible with this ‘where-were-you-before’ motorcycle pizza cutter. With its Stainless Steel wheel blade and grasp-friendly handlebars, your pizza will be fritted in no time.

No need for sharp but dangerous knives, cut your cheese-dripping and meat-strewed pizza in revved-up style now.

What you’ll get:

  • Speedy pizza cutting: Restaurants use pizza cutter wheels because it increases the speed as compared to the knives. With its sharp Stainless Steel wheel covered by a protective fender, you can cut your pizza into slices pretty quickly.

  • Enhanced safety: The handlebars contain a built-in thumb and finger guard for enhanced stability and protection. At no point will your hand come in contact with the sharp blade. Kids can even use it without any risk.

  • Pizza cutting in style: What fun is it to cut your pizzas with elementary cutters? Amp up your dining experience with this motorcycle-shaped pizza cutter. Infused in a chopper bike design, it’s stylish, modish and upgraded.

  • Variable applications: The motorcycle pizza cutter can be used to cut dough, toast, ravioli, grapes, and herbs.

* Comes with a bike stand for stable & stylish storage. 

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