Multifunctional Magic Broom For Every Cleaning Chore

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  • Material: Silicone + Stainless steel
  • Magic wiper broom with an extendable rod
  • Clean water, wipe mirrors, swipe hair or dust
  • Good for pet hair on the carpet
  • Leaves no cleaning marks
  • Can be used to clean any floor or windscreen
  • Hanging handle
  • Size: 30 (wiper) x  90 (handle) cm approx.

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What's the disgusting part of the deep cleaning?

·         The dust that still lingers around even after the sweeping

·         The hair strands that glues to the broom and make you feel sickening

·         The cleaning marks which you have to reclean after wiping the tea spill

·         Having to look for a nylon brush for dust, a rubber wiper for the bathroom floor, a mop for the kitchen, and a wiping cloth for the mirror

Like, there are so many things you need to look for and get right to get your house clean. All the cleaning and sweeping tools are supposed to lessen your effort, not make you frustrated and tired!

Good news, folks, we are back with such a magical household cleaning tool, the extendable multifunctional magic broom, which can help you do everything.

And, when we say everything, we really mean it.

Use it to wipe the mirror or kitchen counter, clean the bathroom floor or under-bed space, and remove the pet hair from the carpet or everywhere.

What you'll get:

  • One tool for all: The multifunction magic broom can swipe clean the dust, water, food spillage, hair strands in the carpet, and pretty much anything ruining your house's hygiene.

  • Effortless cleaning chores: The top broom head is removable, allowing you to use the magic broom to clean mirrors, windscreen, kitchen counter, and other such places. Moreover, it can slide under the couch or bed to literally deep clean everything.

  • Suitable for removing pet hair: The soft silicone tip helps wipe away your cat, dog, or other pet hair from the carpet or off of the floor.

  • No wiping marks: The high-quality of the magic broom sweeper leaves no cleaning stains, which you usually have to reclean after using the typical wiper.

  • Easy to rinse off the dirt: No hair strand or dust particles will form bonding with the scraping broom, making it easy to clean.

  • Portable: Get a safe, hygienic environment wherever you go. Remove the broom head, adjust the rod's length to store it, and take it on the go. Our silicone broom is the ideal replacement for wipers, nylon brooms, and other household cleaning tools which are hard to carry along.

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Listed on 20 December, 2021