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Music on the Move

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The painting is executed in the characteristic cubist style typical of Picasso. The sharp geometric shapes and distorted proportions create a sense of animation and movement.

The background depicts musicians playing their instruments. The cubist treatment of the figures gives them an abstract and deconstructive look. The bodies of the musicians are broken up into geometric fragments that overlap and overlap. This gives the impression that the musicians merge with the music they are creating.

The coloring of the painting is vivid and intense. Picasso uses a variety of color patches to convey the emotional tension and energy of the music. The vibrant colors seem to intertwine and blend, creating visual harmony and dynamic interaction.

The lines in the paintings seem to be important elements of the composition. They are sharp, broken and intersect with each other, creating complex graphic patterns. Picasso plays with perspective and space, transforming familiar forms and creating surreal visual effects.