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Natural Mite Killer

Natural Mite Killer

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  • Mite-Free Living - Kills mites, reducing allergies and infections caused by them by 90%
  • All-Natural and Safe - With no harsh chemicals or side effects, our 100% organic botanical mite killer is completely safe to use around humans and animals
  • Egg-cellent Results - Not just eliminates mites but also destroys eggs for a long-lasting solution
  • Easy Application - With 6 pads included in each package, simply place them under rugs, bed sheets, and between sofa seats for quick and easy mite elimination
  • Furniture Fresh - Odor-free formula will keep your furniture and bedding smelling great
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Dealing with itchy, irritated skin? You might have a mite infestation!

These tiny critters take up residence in your bedding, furniture, and even your clothes. But don't worry, our Natural Mite Killer is here to help! 

Made with 100% organic botanical ingredients, our mite killer pads trap and kill both mites and their eggs, giving you instant relief from the allergies and infections caused by these pesky creatures. 

Plus, our odor-free, side-effect-free formula is safe for use around humans and animals.
So, don't let mites ruin your day (or your skin!) 

Try our Natural Mite killer today and say goodbye to those itchy, irritated skin problems for good!

Goodbye, allergies!
Bid farewell to pesky allergies caused by mites. Our mite killer eliminates mites and their eggs, reducing allergies and infections by up to 90%.

Safe for Everyone
Made with 100% botanical ingredients, it is safe for use around humans and animals. You can use it in your home without worrying about any harmful side-effects.

Easy and Convenient
Comes in the form of 6 pads, making it easy and convenient to use. Simply place the pads under rugs, bed sheets, and in between sofa seats for instant mite elimination. Plus, it has no odor, so you don't have to worry about any bad smells.

Ingredients: Wormwood, basil leaves, green peppercorns, citrus leavesEach pad can be used for 3 months. Effective for the mites residing in the bedding, sofa and clothes (not for grain mites)

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