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O-Shaped Toilet Seat Cover Cushion

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About this item
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  • Material: Spandex
  • Size: 35 x 44 cm approx.
  • Thick plush toilet seat cover
  • Easy to install & remove
  • Flexible material
  • Provides warmth and comfort
  • Washable
Item description from the seller
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We all know that sitting on a toilet seat in winters is enough to give us chills. The cold material of the toilet seat can make anyone scream slightly.

If you want to make your toilet time as pleasant as possible, cover your toilet seat with this O-shaped toilet seat cover cushion.

It’ll provide you with comfort and a warm feel while you sit and do your business. Not just relaxing but it is ideally hygienic too.  

What you’ll get:

  • Comfortable to sit: You don't have to shorten your pooping time just because the toilet seat is uncomfortable. Cover the seat with this wrapping cushion and it will feel relaxed to sit.   
  • Feels warm: Made with extra soft spandex material and designed in a knitting way, this is ideal for winters. You won’t feel the cold seat with this cover underneath you.
  • Easy to install & remove: This cushion cover is easy to install and remove. Its flexible nature makes it ideal to cover different shapes of seat covers. No adhesive glue or tape is needed to install it. This cover surrounds the toilet seat in 360°. 
  • Washable: You can remove the cover whenever you feel it needs washing. It is both hand and machine-wash-friendly. 
  • Hygienic to use: To remove the cover from the seat, use the portable handle so that your hands do not touch the cover when it's dirty. Once it is washed, you can freely cover the seat again. 
  • No hindrance to lid closure: Although the cover makes an extra layer over the toilet seat it doesn't cause any hindrance to the closing of the lid. Feel free to open and close the lid as per your need and this cushion cover won’t come in your way.