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Oil Painting "SUNNY RAIN" Original Oil Painting on Canvas, Modern Oversize Painting by "Walperion Paintings"

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About this item

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  • Oil painting original
  • Oil on canvas
  • Hand painted
  • Custom size
  • Framed / Unframed option
  • Signed and dated by the artist
  • Free worldwide shipping
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Item description from the seller
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Original oil painting.

Hand painted by me. As any painting in this shop!

Warm colored cityscape with friendly streets and cars going to the horizon.

Such long narrow paintings fit perfectly the odd niches where you can hardly fit anything else!




- Oil on canvas.

- Size is yours!

- Stretched canvas for smaller sizes, rolled canvas for biggest sizes

- Framed / unframed option.

- Signed and dated on the back by the artist (me).

- Free worldwide shipping.




All the paintings in my shop, including this one, are hand painted by me and me alone.

They are not prints! Every brushstroke is unique and one of a kind!

So even if you order a hand painted repeat of this painting of mine - the overall composition, colors and quality will be the same, but no brushstroke is the same!

And the version of this painting you will get will be hanging in just ONE home on the planet - yours! :)



Put the word "FRAMED" or "UNFRAMED" in the personalization box.

If you put "FRAMED" - the painting will be framed in a modern minimalistic white frame.

If you put "UNFRAMED" - the painting will continue on the edges, so it will look nice without the frame.

The biggest sizes of 25x50'', 30x60'' and 40x80'' I ship unstretched and unframed (too big for customs), as a rolled canvas in a protective tube, so you'll have to stretch and frame it on your side. So if you're buying those bigger sizes just put "UNFRAMED" as well.



After your payment I start to hand paint the version of this painting I made previously - now in your size!

The hand painting + drying process takes 1-2 weeks. The I ship the painting.

Delivers usually within 2-4 weeks depending on the continent you live in.


The smaller sizes - 12x20'', 16x32'', 20x40'' - I ship stretched, wired, optionally framed in a modern minimalistic black frame.

The bigger sizes - 25x50'', 30x60'', 40x80'' - I ship as a rolled canvas in a protective plastic tube.


Thank you for your visit!

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Listed on 5 September, 2023