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Opaque Car Sun Visor Extender Clip-On

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About this item

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  • Made of PU leather
  • Blocks sun rays from windshield & side window
  • Horizontal & vertical sliding panels
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Tighten up using the straps adjustable
  • Store in the dashboard when not
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One U.K. study estimated that 3000 accidents are caused by sun glare yearly in the U.S which is alarming. Now there is a way you can avoid this using the ingenious sun visor extender clip-on. It blocks sun rays coming from almost all angles owing to the sliding panels. Protect yourself from sun glare completely now.

What you’ll get:

  • Vertical & horizontal sliding panels: This clip-on system offers both horizontal and vertical sliding units that will block sunrays from front and side both. They are made of opaque PU leather that blocks all sun rays.  You can lower and extend the panels according to the need. Having this product improves your vision while driving in the bright sun.

  • Protection from accidents: Sun glares are a big cause of car accidents. This is a foolproof solution by which you can block the sun rays coming from the windshield and side window both.

  • Easy to install: You simply have to position the sun visor extender on the existing sun visor of the car using the tightening straps. There are holding ribs at the ends of sliding panels so you can extend and retract them easily.

  • Universal fit: It measures 13 cm in width approximately which means it can be set on almost all car sun visors.

  • Easy storage when not in use: The sun visor extension can be removed easily and stored in the dashboard. It is flat and doesn’t consume a lot of space.