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  • The original painting is 100% hand-painted on canvas with oil paints.
  • Each piece of oil painting created by the artist is unique.
  • The title of the painting is Puppet Theater".
  • The size of the painting is 20" x 24" x 1" (cm 50 x 60 x 2)
  • Materials - oil paints, stretched canvas.
  • The sides are painted, no stretcher needed.
  • Hook: There is a rope attached to the back that can be used to hang the painting directly.
  • Free worldwide shipping with 2 to 3 business days order processing. Once your order is shipped, estimated delivery time is 10 to 20 business days depending on your country or region.
  • A unique artistic gift for your walls.
  • Great decor for your living room, kitchen or office.
  • Great birthday gift, gift for friends.
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