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Anticque portrait in modern interior.jpg
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Portrait of a man.jpg
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Vintage portrait painting in eclectic home.jpg
Anticque portrait in modern interior.jpg
Moody portrait painting.jpg
More vintage printable art in my restoration worshop - Retrografica.jpg
Portrait of a man.jpg
Vintage french decor.jpg
Vintage portrait painting in eclectic home.jpg

Portrait of a man - Vintage oil painting, 1600s

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Portrait of Henry IV of France. Henry IV, also known by the epithets Good King Henry or Henry the Great, was King of Navarre from 1572 and King of France from 1589 to 1610.

The artwork is a digital reproduction, has been carefully restored, and will show the characteristics of the original oil painting, including grain, cracking, and imperfections. Original artwork was completed in the 1850s.

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