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Poultry Farm Automatic Chicken House Door

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About this item
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  • Peace of Mind with Night-time Safety - Keep your feathered friends secure with automatic door closing at sunset and opening at sunrise
  • Stay Dry with Weather-Proof Design - Enjoy worry-free chicken farming even in the rain, snow, or dust with a durable, waterproof plastic design
  • Easy, Stress-Free Installation - Say goodbye to complicated instructions and hello to a simple, 10-minute installation process
  • Optimal Temperature Range - No matter the weather, this door can handle it all, with a temperature range of -26°C to 60°C
  • Convenient Control at Your Fingertips - Easily operate the door with the touch of a button or by adjusting the light sensor
  • Size: 35 x 24 cm approx.
Item description from the seller
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Worrying about the safety of your poultry during the night? Do you want to enjoy fresh and free-range eggs every day without having to worry about predators?

Introducing the Poultry Farm Automatic Chicken House Door! 

This innovative product is designed to keep your birds safe and secure all night long, giving you peace of mind while you sleep. 

With a durable plastic body that can withstand extreme weather conditions and a light sensor that opens and closes the door at sunrise and sunset, you can trust this product to keep your birds protected from predators like jackals and cats.

Don't wait any longer to give your birds the protection they deserve. Get yours today!

Save Time: 
The automatic door opens and closes at the right times, so you won't have to waste time opening and closing the door yourself.

This door is battery-powered, which means you can save money on electricity and reduce your carbon footprint.

Easy Operation: 
With just a press of a button, you can operate the door and enjoy easy, hassle-free access to your poultry farm.