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PRINTABLE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. TUTORIAL.Video tutorial on creating a puppet carousel.

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  • Video tutorial on creating a puppet carousel.
  • 1 - PDF file showing details for printing on a color printer.(1 sheet)
  • 2 - JPG file with the image of details for printing on a color printer.(1 sheet)
  • 3- assembly instruction( 1 sheet)
  • 4- assembly instruction - PDF file
  • 5- video tutorial on assembling the theater on my YouTube channel.
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In this video tutorial, I will show you step by step how to make a small carousel from improvised materials. You will also get a printable image in two sizes to create this carousel.

Materials for work: office paper, paper glue, thick cardboard, waterproof glue (you can choose ordinary glue for gluing cardboard), thin cardboard, acrylic paints, glossy acrylic varnish, brushes, bulk paint (outline) of light and silver color. Any contour (on fabric, on glass), various rhinestones and nail decorations will do.

For printing, choose plain office paper or thin matte photo paper. Do not use glossy photo paper.

How to make an order.
1. Place this ad in your shopping cart.
2. Complete the payment.
3. After the payment is completed, the download becomes available automatically.
4. Inspire Uplift also sends you an email with a download link so you can do it at your convenience.
5. You can watch the video tutorial on my YouTube channel to see how to assemble this carousel.

Terms of Use:

These digital files and designs are for your personal use only and may not be used for commercial purposes.

You are not permitted to sell products made from this digital file or sell creations made from modifications of this file.

You may not release the digital file to the public for download or share the file with others.

Good luck in creativity and inspiration! Olga.

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Listed on 30 July, 2023