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Pumpkin ice cream crochet pattern / Halloween amigurumi / Crochet spider / Amigurumi Pumpkin monster

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This pumpkin ice cream crochet pattern includes 40 pages of detailed crochet description, about 133 photos, and a list of materials.

The size is about 9.65 inches (taking into account the pumpkin stalk and the ice cream cone).

The pumpkin is attached to the ice cream cone with a metal button.

This pattern doesn’t contain crochet lessons. Initial skills are required.

The template is written in English (US terms).

If you have any questions, write to Me and I will answer you.




 Materials needed:

  1. YarnArt Jeans yarn 50g/160m (55% cotton, 45% polyacrylic):  terracotta - No.85, brown - No.70, milk - No.03, black - No.53, mustard - No.84, graphite - No.28.
  2. YarnArt Jeans Tropical yarn 50g/160m (55% cotton, 45% polyacrylic): melange - No.610.
  3. Black threads 25g/150m, cotton 100%: black, milk, mustard (for the spider's eye and pumpkin decoration).
  4. Beads that match the main color scheme.
  5. Button - must be at least 10 mm in diameter.
  6. Crochet hook, suitable in size - 2.0 mm and 0.75 mm. 
  7. Fiberfill.
  8. Dry pastel for tinting pumpkin (brown, black), brush. 
  9. A needle with a large eye for sewing parts, a thin needle for beads, a regular sewing needle, pins, scissors.




This pattern was designed by me personally. The pattern is intended for personal use only. Any exchange is prohibited (this includes publishing, selling, sending by e-mail, translation into other languages).

Items made according to this pattern, you can dispose of at your discretion.

Please respect the work of other people.