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Quick Pet Hair Remover Brush

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About this item
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  • Clean pet hair in seconds 
  • No more dry cleaning hassle
  • Portable to bring anywhere 
  • A breeze to use 
  • Wide applications 
Item description from the seller
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Spending time with the pet is the most pleasing part of everyone’s life. But when it comes to removing its hair from the sofa, couch, and bed, you often find yourself in a bind. And sometimes you have to dry clean your furniture item to remove the puppy’s fur, burdening your budget. 

Get this problem solved and store memorable moments with your dog without its hair concern with this Quick Pet Hair Remover Brush.

This brush quickly removes puppy hair without requiring much effort, allowing you to keep your furniture clean.

What you’ll get:

  • Fast hair cleaning: The cleaning mechanism of the brush deeply cleans each hair strand from any type of place to gives it a fresh and new look. Gently rub this wiper wherever you find hair and get the spot cleaned right away. 
  • Ideal travel partner: This pet remover brush set contains two brushes (small & large). The little brush is handy enough to easily put in your purse, bag or car compartment. So, over the holidays, keep it to yourself so that you can have your clothes and other belongings free of puppy hair.
  • Easy brush cleaning: It’s easy to wipe the brush. Once it gets full of hair, put it in its cleaning case and slowly take it out. All the hair or lint will be stored in the lower part of its cover. Now, open this section and toss the trash in the dustbin. 
  • Multiple-use: This tool is ideal for cleaning pet’s hair from sofa, carpet, cat’s bed, car seat, clothes, bed, etc. You can also use it to remove lint from clothing and restore its pre-used freshness.

Package includes:

1* Large Brush with Cleaning Case

1* Small Portable Brush