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Rhinestone Setters Tool Kit

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About this item
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  • Material: Acrylic
  • On/Off switch button
  • Support stand to rest the applicator
  • Ergonomic design; comfortable to hold
  • 7 Different sized tips for screwing in the gun
  • Perfect to glue crystals, studs, stones, beads, and clothing jewels
  • Let it heat for 2 minutes before use for best results
Item description from the seller
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Have you ever been fascinated by the beauty of sparkly princess ball gowns?

Looking at the absolute delight of a dress, you must have searched it up online. But, reading the prices reaching the sky, you decided to look for its dupe.

Huh, even the replica was out of your budget? Awe.

So, did you decide to transform your usual party gown into modest model wear?

DIY adhesives? Check.

Fabric tape? Check.

Sticker stones? Check.

Hot iron? Check.

Is it your checklist for making a princess-gown-at-home mission?

Let us break it to you. It might give you a temporary outfit fix, but as soon as you twirl to get that fancy feel, all those glitters and stars would be on the ground!

Yes, what you need is a rhinestone setters hot fix applicator to seal your favorite jewels on the dress. And, don't worry, this time your stars won't fall!

What you'll get:

  • One kit for different fabrics: You can use the applicator tool to glue various rhinestones on purses, bags, glasses, cotton, or other materials.

  • Make modest outfits: This stud setter is a perfect DIY embellishment tool for all the fashionistas who can't afford to buy branded expensive dresses.

  • Easy to use: It only requires heating for 2 minutes before you start to pick the crystals with the hot stents. Press the tool on the fabric to fully melt the glue on the stones. It gives perfect attachment every time!

  • Reduce your hassle: The rhinestone setters pen lets you seal the crystals on the fabric material within seconds. Then, you can simply change the tip as per your stone type and continue the decorating process.

(ss6 = 2mm, ss10 = 3mm, ss16 = 4mm, ss20 = 5mm, ss34 = 7mm, 4mm flat hot spot, 9mm flat)