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Ring Re-Sizer

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About this item
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  • Material: Food Grade PVC
  • Suitable for both men and women rings
  • 100% safe for fingers and rings
  • 8 sizes to fit 1-10mm width rings
Item description from the seller
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Putting a ring in your loved one’s hand is one of the most desirable moments of life.

But, what if the ring is too large?

Truly, it can impact your image before your special one.

She can think:

You don’t know the right size of her finger.

You don’t bother much about her happiness.

So, what to do to stay free from such a situation so your girlfriend isn’t irritated? 

Here comes our Invisible Ring Size Adjuster to get your bond strong with your loved one!

Just pick a slightly bigger ring adjuster clip in case of a large ring. Put the resizer inside the ring and get it properly fitted. 

To fully protect your special one’s soft hands, purified material is used to forge this size adjuster.

Useable for both men and women, it will ensure the ring never falls off.

What you’ll get:

  • Excellently fit your ring in your finger: If you’re unable to wear your dearest ring just because it’s not the right size, you can look over this invisible ring size adjuster. By putting it on the internal side of your ring, you’ll get your ring size narrowed.
  • Feel free to wear this ring sizer: Don’t worry about choosing this ring re-sizer for your sensitive hands! Quality food grade PVC is the best choice for all types of hands!
  • Ideal for everyone: Either you want to lessen the ring size of men or women, our resizer is functional for everyone.
  • Your ring stays gorgeous: As this resizer is adjusted inside the ring, it stays invisible and doesn’t dim your ring’s beauty. So, opt for this without being anxious.

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