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Roland JD-XA "Symbiosis" 64 Dynamic Presets

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LFO.Store continue to work on Roland's most complex machine today, the JD-XA!
By many asks "Symbiosis" soundset is here!

64 handcrafted presets splitted on categories:

Legendary sounds re-creation
Beautiful deep pads & atmospheres
Massive cinematic strings
Detuned basses 
Various arps & sequences
Plucks & Poly's
Very alive and expressive leads
Drones & complex structures

Soundtrack with cyberpunk atmosphere, synthwave track, ambient & electronica vibes can be easily created with our sounds.

Made by Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of  "Organica" for Waldorf Blofeld & "WS Universe" for Korg Wavestation

You will need usb stick to load our sounds, instructions are included!
Also we including shortcuts & faq of easier use your JD-XA and its massive functions.

Enjoy & may inspiration be with you!


Preset List:

E1 Anito (arp)
E2 Dotted (arp)
E3 Cutted (arp)
E4 Astral (arp)
E5 Brain (arp)
E6 Gritt (arp)
E7 Disto (arp)
E8 Enter (arp)
E9 Extra (arp)
E10 Dissto (arp)
E11 Dart (arp)
E12 Roll (arp)
E13 Dyna (arp)
E14 Dust (arp)
E15 Bass 304 (arp)
E16 Lega 154 (arp)

F1 Island Ice (pad) 
F2 Island Geo (pad)
F3 Island Ray (pad) 
F4 Island Man (pad) 
F5 Island Goa (pad)
F6 IslandsBel (pluck)
F7 IslandsString (pad)
F8 IslandsRai (pad)
F9 IslandsSad (pad)
F10 IslandsMw (pad)
F11 IslandBowl (pad)
F12 IslandsTik (pluck)
F13 TraspaPoly(pluck)
F14 TrasmaPoly(pluck)
F15 Islander(pad)
F16 Comp Arp

G1 Gone Bass (bas)
G2 Dodge Bass (bas)
G3 Dino Bass (bas)
G4 Eos Bass (bas)
G5 Fame Bass (bas)
G6 Drop Bass (bas)
G7 Hoop Bass (bas)
G8 Jump Bass (bas)
G9 Dump (poly arp)
G10 Home (poly arp)
G11 Orga Poly (poly arp)
G12 Comp Arp (poly arp)
G13 Arp Bass (arp)
G14 Bomb Bass (arp)
G15 Folk Bass (arp)
G16 Tale Bass (arp)

H1 Wis Code (pad)
H2 Xis Code (pad) 
H3 Trick Bass (bass)
H4 Seqns Lead (lead)
H5 Seqns Lead2 (lead)
H6 CS-60 Pad (pad)
H7 XStation Pad (pad)
H8 AStation Pad (pad)
H9 Serenada (arp)
H10 AgeCut X (bass)
H11 Se Files3 (pad)
H12 X Sweep Xpnd (pad)
H13 No Cities Arp (arp)
H14 CS-80 Pluck (pluck)
H15 CS-50 Pad (pad)
H16 CS-80 Pluck2 (pluck)