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Roland System-8 "Dream Machine" 128 Presets

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Welcome to the “Dream Machine” Soundset A 128 presets for almighty Roland System-8 by Chronos.

Also check 64 free sounds here:

You may ask how it is possible with only 64 slots? Easy – you'll get 64 individual presets + 64 sequences for each preset.

Working with VST Version & Hardware Version of System-8. Vst version having no Sequencer - only exception.

Sys-8 is a great machine capable to produce so many great colors and movements, atmos & truly organic structures.

We made many great sounds & sequences to show possibilities of dream machine & its hidden treasures we found during exploring.

You will find here silky & beauty plucks with unusual modulation, deep & over driven leads, many atmospheric pads & strings, unusual arpeggios & groovy sequences, basses & many more.

Explore your System-8 Machine & dive deeper with our sounds.

To load sounds you will need any possible SD card & Rolands attached video to this pack.


List Of Sounds:


  1. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ Autumn Fall"
  2. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ Prelude D#min"
  3. ="[SYSTEM-8] PL Legato Sharp"
  4. ="[SYSTEM-8] PD Shine Rings"
  5. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ Stranger"
  6. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ FM Shuffle" ="[SYSTEM-8] PD Saturn Rings"
  7. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ Magic Trip"
  8. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ Hoteps Dream"
  9. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ Alberts Brain"
  10. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ Lullaby Song_"
  11. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ BacktoFuture"
  12. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ Singing Cell"
  13. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ Classic Swing"
  14. ="[SYSTEM-8] NK Sekai"
  15. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ Star Fall"
  16. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ Psycho Bass"
  17. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ Anolog Legato"
  18. ="[SYSTEM-8] KY SaturnPluck"
  19. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ Supper Nova"
  20. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ Novation Age"
  21. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ Trance Sound"
  22. ="[SYSTEM-8] PD Ice Air"
  23. ="[SYSTEM-8] PD Space Shuttle"
  24. ="[SYSTEM-8] PD Unison Glide"
  25. ="[SYSTEM-8] PD Mosaic"
  26. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ Twisted Pluck"
  27. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ France Guitar"
  28. ="[SYSTEM-8] PD Cinestetic"
  29. ="[SYSTEM-8] PD Cinestetic2"
  30. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ Pandora Parks"
  31. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ SynChronos"
  32. ="[SYSTEM-8] PD Glass Sounds"
  33. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ Distorted FM"
  34. ="[SYSTEM-8] LD Bright Brass"
  35. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ MOTO Metalic"
  36. ="[SYSTEM-8] PD Gig@Pad"
  37. ="[SYSTEM-8] PD JX3PPad"
  38. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ HARDGTR"
  39. ="[SYSTEM-8] LD FeeD"
  40. ="[SYSTEM-8] PD EpocalyptoPad"
  41. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ Clips Leaf"
  42. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ Genre Morning"
  43. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ AM Feed"
  44. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ Zippy Ladder"
  45. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ SoundtrackSad"
  46. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ SoundtrackLd"
  47. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ TechPush Arm"
  48. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ Chordic Arpg"
  49. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ External Arpg"
  50. ="[SYSTEM-8] PD NK Pad 1"
  51. ="[SYSTEM-8] PD NK Pad 2"
  52. ="[SYSTEM-8] PD NK-Atmos"
  53. ="[SYSTEM-8] PD NK-Atmos 2"
  54. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ NK-IndiA"
  55. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ NK-Mass"
  56. ="[SYSTEM-8] BS Uni Room"
  57. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ NKMechanic"
  58. ="[SYSTEM-8] PD OutThereXFile"
  59. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ MetalPlucks"
  60. ="[SYSTEM-8] PD Saw ReStrings"
  61. ="[SYSTEM-8] SQ Phaz-ing Loop"
  63. ="[SYSTEM-8] NK Filt-Rim"