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Safe Scratch - Furniture Protector

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About this item
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  • Anti-scratch furniture protector stickers
  • Size: 15 x 48 cm approx.
  • 4 Pcs in package
  • Transparent PVC material
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for furniture, carpet, mattresses
Item description from the seller
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You were excited to pet a cat, but you did not know the damage her claws would cause to your furniture.

The scratches on your newly bought sofa made it look old and worn out. You don’t want that to happen with the rest of your furniture. So get these safe-scratch-furniture protector pads.

Cover the pet-accessible area of your furniture with these transparent covers to protect them from being scratched and torn.

What you’ll get:

  • Scratch protector: Keep your furniture new for a long by covering it with these safe scratch furniture protectors. Your pet won’t be able to scratch off the furniture anymore with these PVC-made covers on them.  
  • Easy to install: No tools are needed to install these stickers. Remove the grab pads and put the anti-scratching pads on the furniture. Screw the screws to grip the sticker firmly with the furniture. And voila! You are done.
  • Goes well with furniture: Use these dog & cat scratch corner guard stickers without worrying about hurting the beauty of your furniture. These are transparent, so using them on any color or design of furniture won’t affect their appearance.
  • Wide versatility: All kinds of furniture, including sofa, bed, chair, table, are efficiently protected from pet scratches with these. Apart from that, you can also install them on walls, mattresses, or carpets.