Realistic Schleich model horse tack custom made by hands diy toy horse accessory for children play Blue Halter Lead rope

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  • MORE COLORS HERE - https://www.inspireuplift.com/Schleich-Bicolor-3-Sltd-Halter-Lead-Rope-Set-64/iu/58657 
  • Ocean Blue + Vivid Blue colors
  • Silver or Gold hardware
  • Realistic 3-slotted halter rings
  • Full adjustable
  • Made by hands with love and care
  • Perfect for collectors and children
  • Free shipping


  • Horse and other accessories are NOT included.
  • You will get only one Ocean Blue + Vivid Blue bicolor 3-slotted halter and one Ocean Blue + Vivid Blue bicolor twisted lead rope.
  • This fits 1:18, 1:20, 1:22, 1:24 scale toy model horse and not real one.
  • Fits most Schleich, Collecta, Safari ltd., Papo, Mojo fun horses!
  • This is not recommended for young children under 5 because contains small parts.
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